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Ideal solution for hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping malls. 100% Made in Italy.

ENERGON is an innovative digital controller for fan-coil units. Compact dimensions but powerful and flexible hardware with 20 Inputs/ Outputs.
ModBus RS-485 communication. Proprietary Bus to connect more controllers to a single room sensor. Removable terminal plugs for: power supply, high power signal, low power signal.
Digital room sensor with adjustment for: set point, fan speed (manual or automatic), Economy/Comfort mode; 6 Analog/Digital Inputs for sensors and remote function selection (e.g. Change/Over, Economy, Window Contact and more). 2 Analog Output (0..10Vdc) for modulating valves and modulating fan speed control.
7 High Voltage Digital output for valves control and 3 fan-speed control.
Digital Inputs: Winter/Summer change over, Economy mode, Remote power-off (Occupancy Sensor), Windows contact.
Digital Outputs for External Relays:
Electrical heater, Electrical Power enable.
Universal power supply from 85 to 265 Vac.
Control possibilities:
• On-Off valves + 3 fan-speed control
• 3pos Floating valves + 3 fan-speed
• On-Off valves + Proportional 0..10Vdc fan-speed control
• Modulating valves + 3 fan-speed control
• Modulating valves 0..5Vdc & 5..10Vdc valves + Proportional 0..10Vdc fan-speed control
Room Sensor available in 2 colors (black & white) external frame available in many different colors. Flush mounting or wall mounting. 
Functions: On/Off/Economy Mode set, fan speed selection (Auto/3/2/1/0), temperature set point adjustment, multi-color leds (red-green-orange) showing operating mode (Off-Comfort-Economy). User may have full control or limited control or no control.
Free of charge Configuration Tool for setting of all parameters, overview on the plant installation showing the key variables for each individual controller, setting of daily & weekly time schedules.
Graphic Display Panel (Multinet).
Pre-programmed panel ready to control up to 50 controllers, allowing daily (6 per day) and weekly (3 per week) time schedules, web server capabilities, remote monitoring and supervisory through Internet Explorer.
Configurable features through dip-switches on the electronic board: Stand Alone or Network integrated, 2 Pipes or 4 Pipes FCU, valve control (On/Off or proportional) and fan speed control (3 fan-speed or proportional), ModBus address setting.
User-friendly supervisory achieved by direct connection to Controlli GT touch-screens