NR9000 News

FanCoil controller with ΔT optimizer

The targets of balancing a hydronic plant are: 
  • avoid waste of energy when exaggerating water flows to heating / cooling coils; 
  • avoid that Chillers / Boilers have low efficiency with fluid return temperature too close to supply temperature; 
  • avoid non-comfort conditions for the user.

These targets can be reached by taking control of the ΔT between supply and return of each terminal unit and setting the control valves so that each battery receives the fluid flow that suits the current operating condition.
Controlli has equipped its digital controller NR9000 for terminal units of a new regulation function dedicated to maximizing the ΔT between supply and return, allowing a reduction of up to 40% of the average flow rate and consequent reduction of up to 60% of the electricity needed for circulation pumps.