Hilton Hotel

Naxos Gardens

In the amazing district of Taormina, CONTROLLI developed the whole control system and supervisory system of the prestigious Hilton Hotel – Naxos Gardens.

The building has 296 rooms and suites, 2 large meeting rooms, 2 restaurants and a healthy area for customer relax and everything based on a modern Italian style as well as the most advanced technologies.  The HVAC system comprises:

  • 14 dedicated Air Handling units with heat recovery system, proportional valve control as well as proportional fan speed control with Inverter technology;
  • Room Temperature Control is performed with FanCoils equipped with proportional control valve as well as proportional fan speed control;
  • Supervisory System comprises more than 1500 controlled points and it allows the remote management of each single zone of the building with differentiated set points and time-schedules as well as a detailed alarms anomalies management in order to make easier the planned and unplanned service.